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Ear impressions...




Ear impressions are required for any custom made ear protector or music monitor. Any person taking an ear impression should be both qualified and insured. A good quality impression is essential if the earpiece is to work effectively.


At Save My Hearing we can offer appointments at our two premises in Preston and Kirkby Lonsdale, we also offer a mobile sevice covering the NW and Cumbria. Our mobile charges range from £35 and include evening and weekend appointments.


 Impression process...

 Your ears will be examined to make sure it's safe to proceed, if wax is present you will be referred to your GP to have the wax removed before the procedure can go ahead. If your ear is OK we will place a small foam block into your ear canal to protect your eardrum, then soft impression material is injected into the ear canal.  The whole process takes no more than 20 minutes.


Hearing tests... 

We can test your hearing regularly to check that you're using the correct sort of hearing protection

Group discounts...

We can offer discounts for any group or organisation requiring custom fit earplugs for five or more people.

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I've been using foam plugs for shooting but found them uncomfortable and they tended to fall out. I heard about SMH from a friend, their audiologist advised me  to try custom made Sonic Valves manufactured by a company called ACS.

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