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 Elacin ER 9, 15 & 25 for Musicians & DJ's

Elacin ER 9, 15 & 25 for Musicians & DJ's

Elacin ER noise plugs feature an individually calibrated filter designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. Unlike solid noise plugs which attenuate all frequencies differently, these filtered earplugs give flat attenuation across the frequency range.


The ER series is favoured by musicians and DJs, where clarity of sound is just as important as protecting your hearing! Each set of moulds is tailored to fit the individual allowing maximum protection and comfort. Made to perfection using techniques which allow clarity of sound to pass through the filter, while blocking out damaging noise levels.Perfect for leisure and industrial use.




  • ER9  :   Prolonged exposure to noise eg. acoustic music
  • ER15:  Good for concert staff/attendees
  • ER25:  For loud music including amplified music


Silicone -Biopore 40 shore

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