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ACS Encore Live! Custom IEM's

ACS Encore Live! Custom IEM's

 ACS Encore Live! 

Full bodied, hard hitting Live! ready IEM, maximise your IEM experience with ACS's flagship Live! IEM

New Addition

The Acs Encore Live! is the latest addition to their Live! series product range. ACS have added a 5 driver IEM to their range to cater for those who want deep hard hitting base, less emphasis on mids and increased output in the high frequencies.

The Encore Live! uses the same proprietary detachable cable system as the rest of the Live! series of products. Also they can be moulded in a range of exciting new transparent colours.

Hard Hitting Sound

The ACS Encore Live! consists of the largest base driver in their range alongside dual mid range and dual treble drivers which deliver a full bodied, rich and detailed sound which really packs a punch. The integrated crossover has allowed ACS to configure the 5 drivers to work in perfect harmony giving you the body and breadth that you would expect from a top tier IEM.

Maximise your IEM experience

Every ACS Encore Live! has a pair of built - in, wideband, natural response microphones, interfacing the new Ambient Live! Pack between a wireless belt pack or mixer. Your Live! in-ear-monitors will allow you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the mix. This gives you the ability to control the outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experience by wearing good sealing in-ear-monitors.The full 3D effect of the ambient signal perfectly mimics your natural hearing, giving you great positional ambient cues and is much more effective than stage pick-up mics which have to be controlled at the desk and do not give a sense of depth or position. All this is seamlessly taken care of by the intelligent DSP system integrated into the Ambient Live! Pack with great clarity and ultra-low latency.

Product Specification 

No of Drivers                        5

Build Material                      40 shore custom fit medical grade silicone

Mould Type                           Full Concha

Cable Exit                               Top

Cable Type                             Detchable ACS Live Stereo Cable

Standard Length                  1.4m

Standard Connector           Low profile 3.5mm right angled plug

Frequency Range                20hZ-22kHZ

Sensitivity @ 1 KHZ            120.6dB

Impedence @ 1 kHZ           83 OHMs

Items Included                     Carry pouch, ACS Revivo, wax pick,care and useage instructions

                                                   comfort cream, step up jack connector adaptor            

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