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ACS Evoke Studio Custom IEM's

ACS Evoke Studio Custom IEM's

 ACS Evoke Studio Custom

The ACS Evoke offers fantastic range and clarity of sound, it's also very user friendly with the lightweight cable and superior comfort given by the soft silicone shell.



Product Details 

ACS have completely re-engineered the single speaker earphone to replace their very first custom earphone, the T3. The ACS Evoke features 2 different detachable  cable systems, low profile, full concha, custom fitted soft silicone earpieces and a brand new hybrid speaker that delivers a much wider response and a punchy low end base response.

The combination of Knowles Electronics' unique design and the patented IRIS system from ACS delivers an incredibly warm sound signature with smooth lows and crystal clear mids and highs.

Evoke is a very credible entry level earphone aimed at those on a tight budget who either wants to enter the world of in ear monitoring or just want a great earphone at a great price to enjoy their music.


Product Specifications...

No of Drivers                                                  1

Build Material                                                 40 shore medical grade silicone

Mould Type                                                     Full concha or canal mould

Cable Exit                                                         Top or bottom

Cable Type                                                      Detachable Linum Bax

Std Cable Length                                          1.1m

Std Connector                                                Low profile 3.5mm straight plug

Frequency Range                                          20hz-20Khz

Sensitivity @ 1 Khz                                       105.5 dB

Impedance @ 1Khz                                       50 ohms

Items included                                               Carry pouch, ACS Revivo, wax pick, care & usage                                                                                       instructions, comfort cream, step up jack                                                                                                   connector adaptor                                                                                                 

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