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ACS Evolve Studio Custom IEM

ACS Evolve Studio Custom IEM


 ACS Evolve Studio Custom

If you are looking for a set of super comfortable, reference quality sounding in-Ear Monitors with a discreet and super strong cable solution then look no further.


Born Again

 This is the redesign of the top selling ACS T1. The ACS Evolve retains the refernce quality and warm frequency response of the T1 and features the new detachable Linum cable and socket system.



The ACS Evolve has 3 drivers and a 3 way crossover. Each driver has been configured using the crossover circuitry to handle the frequency range it is best suited to. There is a large dedicated base driver which handles the sub frequencies and upper base with ease resulting in a rich detailed base response which is not bloated or muddy sounding. The mid range driver handles the low-high mid range frequencies and presents vocals and acoustics accurately without being overpowering or fatiguing. The tweeter driver takes care of the high frequency range, delivering crystal clear highs and giving a clarity and detail to your sound like never before.


Product Specifications...

No of Drivers                                        3

Build Material                                       40 shore medical grade silicone

Mould Type                                           Full Concha

Cable Exit                                               Top

Cable Type                                             Detachable Linum Bax

Std Cable Length                                 1.1m

Std Connector                                      Low profile 3.5mm straight plug

Frequency Range                                20hz-20Khz

Sensitivity @ 1Khz                             119.9dB

Impedance @ 1Khz                            50 ohms

Items included                                    Carry pouch, ACS Revivio, wax pick, care & usage

                                                                 instructions, comfort cream, step up jack connector                                                                             adaptor


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