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Emtec Noisebreaker

Emtec Noisebreaker

The Emtec Noisebreaker is a personally moulded and vented earplug. The plug incorporates a centrally drilled channel in which a filter is placed.This acoustic filter attenuates all sounds going into the ear but attenuates more in the mid-band range (approx. 1kHz-6kHz). Noisebreakers allow the wearer to communicate easily, but at the same time afford excellent protection.

The Emtec Noisebreaker is a very cost effective form of hearing protection - with a lifetime of around six years, and a typical break-even of 12-18 months for a comparative spend on disposable earplugs.

CE Mark Attenuation Data

Freq. (Hz)                            63          125         250        500        1k        2k         4k         8k

Mean Attenuation             13.9       16.1       19           22.7         25        32.2        41.1     36.9

Emtec Noisebreaker are suitable for use in industry, shooting and motorsports.

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