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HD15 Electronic Plugs

 These high definition earplugs give wearers the best of both worlds: effective protection from noise plus clear communication. Safer than traditional earplugs, electronic filters can be worn at all times, allowing the user to hear naturally, but with instantanous and automatic protection against harmful noise.

Ideal for anyone with exposure to loud noise such as power tools, machinery, trucks or construction equipment, who want both maximum protection from loud impact noise and natural hearing when no background noise is present.

Automatic Protection

HD 15 earplugs allow natural hearing until noise exceeds safe-exposure limits. There is automatic activation of 15dB hearing protection plus maximum protection from sudden, loud impact noise.

Sound Boost

At the flip of a switch sound is amplified, improving distance detection by up to five times for enhanced awareness of your surroundings.

HD15's have been designed to meet the needs of leisure profile and industry. These filters excel in terms of response and recovery time, with the immediate exclusion of sudden, loud impact noise as an absolutr priority and fast recovery to maintain communication and awareness.

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