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in Britain alone it's estimated that there are somewhere in the region of 2.5 million working people who are at serious risk of suffering a noise induced hearing loss at a comparatively early age, which could prove to be an irreversible disability. It is, in general, proving to be very costly to industry. Working in noisy environments is both tiring and unpleasant, the need for conversation is often important yet impossible. Filtered, custom-made noise protection can be worn all day long, allowing the user to work in a noisy environment with a degree of relaxation. The result is reduced fatigue and the promotion of greater efficiency at work.


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Alpine WorkSafe

Alpine WorkSafe

Workplace activities can make too much noise. WorkSafe hearing protectors provide an excellent solution. Comfortable to wear with a long limetime, the special filters provide optimal attenuation of loud noise while speech, radio and the environment remain clearly audible.
£12.95 inc. VAT

Custom Communication Earpiece

Custom made earpiece to use with communication equipment.  This mould offers a comfortable, custom fit solution for use with radio equipment or broadcasting. A light and discreet in -the- ear product, delivering clear sound so everything can be heard. Making sure that you have a perf...
£60 inc. VAT

Dreve DLO

Dreve DLO moulds are perfect for industrial users. DLO Acrylic and DLO Silicone are certified and authorised personal protective equipment according to the directive 89/686/EEC. Attenuation:         22dB-26db  Silicone:   &...
£120 inc. VAT
Emtec Noisebreaker

Emtec Noisebreaker

The Emtec Noisebreaker is a personally moulded and vented earplug. The plug incorporates a centrally drilled channel in which a filter is placed.This acoustic filter attenuates all sounds going into the ear but attenuates more in the mid-band range (approx. 1kHz-6kHz). Noisebreakers allow the wea...
£102 inc. VAT

HD15 Electronic Plugs

 These high definition earplugs give wearers the best of both worlds: effective protection from noise plus clear communication. Safer than traditional earplugs, electronic filters can be worn at all times, allowing the user to hear naturally, but with instantanous and automatic protection ag...
£289 inc. VAT
PC Werth Solid Mould

PC Werth Solid Mould

    The sound of gunfire can permanenty damage your hearing in milliseconds. It is essential to use the correct high performance protection plugs in order to prevent irreversible damage. Solid ear plugs cut out about 30db of noise. This greatly reduces the impact a guns...
£76 inc. VAT
Pocket Ear Noise Indicator

Pocket Ear Noise Indicator

  The miniature personal noise indicator  contains a pair of quality filtered noise plugs that soften the overall acoustic image without spoiling the musical experience. A quick and easy sound check shows if the noise level is too high and if the earplugs are needed to help pro...
£69 inc. VAT
Puretone PROTECThear

Puretone PROTECThear

PROTECThear noise plugs are custom-moulded soft silicone earpieces, manufactured using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, offering the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. PROTECT hear noise plugs incorporate a passive acoustic filter, whic...
£90 inc. VAT