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MODz Modular In-Ear-Monitors & Communicators

MODz Modular In-Ear-Monitors & Communicators

MODz Pro-Quality Modular In Ear Monitors & Communicators

Product Overview:

MODz modular micro-monitors are amazing sonic powerhouses. Using single driver in-ear-monitor (IEM) technology, PerfectFit have created a nice and neat package. This makes them more useable and convenient in a variety of applications, without losing any of the performance.

  • All the sound quality and performance, in a neater, modular design
  • Extremely compact, low profile construction
  • Ultra invisible in-the-ear or comfortable under crash helmets
  • Integrated wax filter stops wax build up
  • Easy to clean for better sound
  • Supplies with MusicClear custom made earphone sleeve
  • Optional extra noise filter                                      


  • Black teflon Y- cable
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack
  • Removeable wax filters
  • Custom moulded fit
  • Fully hygienic & cleanable
  • Clear colour as standard
  • 1 year parts guarantee


  • Material: comfortable medical grade silicone
  •  Cable length 1450mm
  • MODz Micro Driver: 10mm x 3mm 3mm


  • Engraving
  • Choice of various colours
  • Noise filter insert

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